Website owners have already discovered a great way to market militaria.

As the proprietor of specialist websites myself I urge you to consider the possible

benefits of Joining us as a exhibitor from as little as £25 for a shelf in one of our

lockable museum display cases.

Here  are some of the benefits ?

1)You load your  space with stock we will do the rest.

2)We take card payments on your behalf and pay you by transfer,cash ,or cheque.

 3) You can use the market address alone on your web site irrespective of where you

valuable stock is held. This can be reassuring when you are off on holiday.

4) By joining potentially 30 other dealers you can be assured of custom.

Buyers are more likely to travel distances with the prospect of seeing a mass of stock.

5) You are encouraged to display your website logo on this website with a link.

6) Your Business cards and promotional leaflets will be dispensed from the market.

7) The market is a fantastic place to network ,it already has acquired a club

atmosphere with exhibitors trading between themselves.

8) Trading online is all about keeping prices low and it is becoming more competitive with margins being

squeezed  daily. Arundel is a castle town with thousands of receptive holiday visitors. Traders will enjoy a

higher proportion of retail business as we are not just one click away from a website offering the same goods.


Why Not Take The Plunge And Rent A Complete Cabinet For Just £100 Per Month?.

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