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Dealers in all aspects of militaria frequently started off their career as collectors . As the boyhood hobby grows and the collector acquires knowledge he is likely to consider selling of duplicates thus becoming a dealer in Militaria at some level .

As the internet expands new websites appear offering the contents of lifelong collections .

The novice dealers will invariably fall prey to the bigger fish who already have thousands of customers with buying power .

The only people who will ever seem to find fledgling militaria websites 2020 are middlemen who will “cherry pick” the inventory of anything worthwhile leaving the newcomer with a ravaged site with little or no chance of replacing the stock at a viable price .

The golden period of acquiring goods directly from WW2 veterans has long gone . What has happened to prices of most WW2 collectables? They have dropped . An SA dagger in near perfect condition sells for around $950 .

nazi belts

ten years ago such dagger frequently changed hands for $1250 . The factors governing this fall are complex .

Firstly the appetite for WW2 collecting probably peaked when a spate of films such as Saving Private Ryan inspired the then generation of collectors. Respect for Fathers and Grandfathers who served in WW2 was greater when a body of such veterans were still alive .

A new up and coming generation might now relate to modern conflicts such as Vietnam or even the first Iraq war?

Social media has become a platform for collectors to sell person to person apparently without any need for dealers ? Or so they believe ?.

The buyers are often dealers who capitalise on the cosy clubroom atmosphere, they are motivated by profiting from the trust of novice collectors.

This once again is responsible for a drop in prices. The nature of our business is perhaps different to that of others .

At German Dagger Buyers we buy and supply with absolute discretion .Our better customers are unknown to the collecting community and the swaths of dealers represented on-line .. We build collections for individuals and Museums alike .

We formulate world class collections for Investment groups who know that by buying items with additional history from the families of WW2 souvenir hunters is important .

When the time comes for now contentious items to be displayed in museums the story of how they were obtained and by who will make the exhibit compelling .

By treating “Militaria ” like an archaeologist might treat an excavated coin is how we prefer to operate. The context of where, when and by whom adds so much to an item for the collector and for public display

$3,301 M0316-7 Add to Compare Germany, Feuerschutzpolizei. A Feuerschutzpolizei (Fire Protection Police) Dagger Portepee Sale Date: February 3, 2019 Hammer Price $76 G40351 Add to Compare Germany, Ordnungspolizei. A Municipal Protection Police Dagger Portepee $100 M0318-6 Add to Compare Germany, Heer. An Officer’s Dagger by Paul Weyersberg & Co. Sold For $200 C5644 Add to Compare Canada. Two Studio Photographs & Handkerchief to Boer War, D Squadron 2nd Regiment CMR Sold For $45 G40546 Add to Compare Germany, SS. A Model 1933 RZM-Marked SS Enlisted Dagger Sold For $3,575 G40584 Add to Compare Germany, SA. A Sturmabteilung (SA) Etched Commemorative Dagger, by Carl Wüsthof Sold For $2,025 G40585 Add to Compare Germany, Heer. A Commemorative Gebirgsjäger (Mountain Troops) Bayonet $930 EU16497 Add to Compare Hungary, People’s Republic. An Honour Dagger, to Dr. Rónai Ilona, Ministry of the Interior on the Occasion of his Sixtieth Birthday $2,680 G40705 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A First Pattern Dagger, by Overhoff & Cie, Lüdenscheid Sale Date: March 12, 2019 Hammer Price $501 G40866 Add to Compare Germany, SS. A Rasse & Settlement Main Office Oberführer’s Tunic, by Hans Götz Sale Date: March 19, 2019 Hammer Price $8,458 EU16613 Add to Compare Italy, Fascist State. A Presentation Dagger of 13th Legion CCNN Commanding Officer, c.1940 $4,725 G41167 Add to Compare Germany, Third Reich. A 1939 Blood and Soil Leipzig Exhibition Badge, by Deschler & Sohn $60 G41385 Add to Compare Germany, Heer. An Officer’s Dress Dagger Hanger Sold For $170 G41466 Add to Compare Germany, SA. A Dagger Hanger Sale Date: April 14, 2019 Hammer Price $91 G41516 Add to Compare Germany, Heer. A Heer Officer’s Dress Dagger Hanger Sold For $150 G41647 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A I Pattern Dagger Field Made Letter Opener 1944 Sold For $205 Total items found 547 << 1 … 6 7 8 9 10 >> Items per page 6096132168 i fb tw Terms & Conditions Privacy Policy News Testimonials © 2020 eMedals Inc | Militaria & Historica | eMedals Inc. All Rights Reserved. ❯ Back To Top ☰ Menu Login / Register Favourites (0) My Cart[ 0 ] eMedals Tel: 1 (905) 634-3848Text: 1 (905) 906-3848 Purveyors of Authentic Militaria Newly Listed Auction Buy now Archive Collections Service About us Contact All Items Auction Items Buy Now Items Archive Items Consign with eMedals – click here. Home / Search results for: ‘dagger’ Open Filters Clear all filters Total items found 547 << 1 … 6 7 8 9 10 >> Items per page 6096132168 G38333 Add to Compare Germany, SS. A Waffen-SS Infantry Obersturmführer’s Dress Tunic Sold For $9,450 M0271-30 Add to Compare Germany, Luftwaffe. A Luftwaffe Beamte (Administration) Meteorological Officer’s Uniform by C.A. Herpich Sale Date: September 18, 2018 Hammer Price $1,351 G38413 Add to Co

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