Englands only three hundred and sixty five days per year Militaria Fair/Market

Week Number One

Acquired and put into place cabinets etc.etc.

Week number two.

Three Exhibitors have joined us within the last week and I am delighted to be able to say that they have all managed to sell items to a variety of customers.

This is perhaps not so remarkable when you consider that our venue has become well established on the militaria map over a twenty year period.

It is our ambition  to bring 45 exhibitors together under one roof . If this is achieved no self respecting collector will be able to resist visiting us, irrespective of distance!

Blog September 26 2013.

From it’s inception in late september 2013 The Militaria Market.com

 acquired a diverse range of independent exhibitors. We are proud to have

attracted both enthusiastic hobbyists and high end dealers alike.

Simon Lannoy of  “The Militaria Dealers.com” achieved his first private sale

within hours of loading his cabinet.

A WW2 c type Flying helmet and Mk8 Goggles

  These are now bound for Sydney Australia having been secretly purchased for £300 by the

wife of a collector (Formally from East London).

Similarly Jonathan the proprietor of the “medals4heroes.com”  website broke the ice within

hours of joining us with the sale of medals and collar badges now destined for Spain.

blog September 27/2013

Today we 0ur delighted to have welcomed to our ranks a gun collector.

John is disposing of his life time collection of mainly percussion pistols .

Additions to his cabinet yesterday included Three Colt’s, a transitional revolver, and a nice

pair of muff pistols (Cased)

Visitors to the Militaria Market. in Arundel will now see on offer twenty percussion pistols

ranging in price from £200-£3000.

From my own stock the WW2 deactivated Vickers machine gun sold at £1850 and is being

delivered by Pete Green to the Stoneleigh show this week end.

 Blog 27/Sept/2013

Images from our latest exhibitor’s cabinet.



 Today Author Mark Hillier our RAF expert found a buyer for an R.A.F. officer’s badge together with a Royal Flying Corps Badge and R.A.F. Christmas Card.

Blog 28/Sept/2013

Sundays attract hoards of site seers to Arundel and today was no exception .Sales included FJ Gravity (Contentious) A second Pattern F&B in Spanking Good Condition. And an imperial EK11.

Purchases included the above FJ Gravity and a cased Spitfire gun sight.

.30/Sept/2013 Monday Our Latest Exhibitor Had His First Sale Today. A Late War FS Fighting Knife In Sheath (Lacking Elastic) £200 to The Trade
Other Sales included Imperial Medal, Cap Badges.

Blog 1/Oct/2013

Today We Were Joined By Picklehaube Specialist Richard Cradock . His cabinet  displays Imperial German Headdress along with French and other nations.


Mark Hillier sold a splendid RAF Log book and medal group.blog 5/Oct/13

James Lewis joined us today .Jims taste is broad ranging from German Home front to a fabulous untouched Guarde Pickelhaube circa 1914.


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