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Why Not Join The Growing Community Of Militaria Professional Dealers ​Here In Arundel West Sussex? Present Your Stock At Retail Prices In Large Secure Cabinets From Just £50 Per Month ! Call David Mattey On 01903-884602 To Learn More.

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Abbreviation State Name Capital Became a State
AL Militaria Alabama Montgomery December 14, 1819
AK Militaria Alaska Juneau January 3, 1959
AZ Militaria  Arizona Phoenix February 14, 1912
AR Militaria Arkansas Little Rock June 15, 1836
CA Militaria California Sacramento September 9, 1850
CO Militaria Colorado Denver August 1, 1876
CT Militaria Connecticut Hartford January 9, 1788
DE Militaria Delaware Dover December 7, 1787
FL Militaria Florida Tallahassee March 3, 1845
GA Militaria Georgia Atlanta January 2, 1788
HI Militaria Hawaii Honolulu August 21, 1959
ID Militaria Idaho Boise July 3, 1890
IL Militaria Illinois Springfield December 3, 1818
IN Militaria Indiana Indianapolis December 11, 1816
IA Militaria Iowa Des Moines December 28, 1846
KS Militaria Kansas Topeka January 29, 1861
KY Militaria Kentucky Frankfort June 1, 1792
LA Militaria Louisiana Baton Rouge April 30, 1812
ME Militaria Maine Augusta March 15, 1820
MD Militaria Maryland Annapolis April 28, 1788
MA Militaria Massachusetts Boston February 6, 1788
MI Militaria Michigan Lansing January 26, 1837
MN Militaria Minnesota Saint Paul May 11, 1858
MS Militaria Mississippi Jackson December 10, 1817
MO Militaria Missouri Jefferson City August 10, 1821
MT Militaria Montana Helena November 8, 1889
NE Militaria Nebraska Lincoln March 1, 1867
NV Militaria Nevada Carson City October 31, 1864
NH Militaria New Hampshire Concord June 21, 1788
NJ Militaria New Jersey Trenton December 18, 1787
NM Militaria New Mexico Santa Fe January 6, 1912
NY Militaria New York Albany July 26, 1788
NC Militaria North Carolina Raleigh November 21, 1789
ND Militaria North Dakota Bismarck November 2, 1889
OH Militaria Ohio Columbus March 1, 1803
OK Militaria Oklahoma Oklahoma City November 16, 1907
OR Militaria Oregon Salem February 14, 1859
PA Militaria Pennsylvania Harrisburg December 12, 1787
RI Militaria Rhode Island Providence May 19, 1790
SC Militaria South Carolina Columbia May 23, 1788
SD Militaria South Dakota Pierre November 2, 1889

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militaria Alaska Juneau





U.K. 01903-884602



An incomplete Flitlock pistol of Queen Anne pattern for restoration £300

An incomplete Flitlock pistol of Queen Anne pattern for restoration NOW SOLD

The Militaria Market is Situated Beside a Castle In Britain.

                                                                                           Militaria cash

Arundel Castle houses a significant collection of Antique Armour .

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Thousands of Visitors to our high street store enjoy our permanent display of militaria from all periods and conflicts ..



At The Militaria Market we buy and sell a vast selection of both antique and twentieth century.


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As high street retailers our dealers are able to match and even better offers made by purely internet based dealers.

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Specialists at The Militaria Market in Arundel  welcome the opportunity of buying collections confidentially at the keenest rates. arundel candlelight 2016

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Our Retail selling prices are significantly higher than the now seemingly oversubscribed web!





U.K. 01903-884602


arundel candlelight 2016

arundel candlelight 2016

Arundel Militaria

 To obtain a better offer from

England’s established high street

militaria dealers please complete our


offer/valuation form→

r.a.d. hewer

Generations of private collectors have been the custodians of artefacts which have in time permeated into

 the combat dealers

to the cabinets of museums.

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Far from being the sick obsession of  a few lunatics, the collecting and

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        Preservation of N.A.Z.I.and all other militaria can be viewed as  an important sociological function.

Spiked Helmet

Visitors to Arundel in West Sussex will enjoy the delightful historic town famed for it’s Castle and restaurants.

Bravery in The Feild

Bucking the trend for exclusively internet trading  ”Antiques & Miltaria” occupies the prime location in the centre of Arundel high street BN18-9AB .

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Battle of Britain Oxygen mask


 Is “Antiques & Militaria”just  a museum ? .

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No it is militaria themed concept store supplying  everything from genuine deactivated machine guns to aviation inspired furniture .

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For those wishing purely to browse David Mattey will provide information on exhibits which unusually are all for sale.

arundel west sussex militaria dealers

There is no better place to discuss the disposal of anything from family medals to complete militaria collections. Once again David Mattey is there to share his insight into selling at a better price without the costly involvement of middle men.

arundel candlelight 2016

Buyers such as interior designers,militaria collectors, war medal and military medal specialists can register their requirements and anticipate notification when suitable products become available.

arundel candlelight 2016

 Arundel in West Sussex,  internet trading  ”Antiques & Miltaria” occupies the prime location in the centre of Arundel high street BN18-9AB , museum , militaria themed, deactivated machine guns,  aviation inspired furniture,  David Mattey ,


Leather Spike Helmets

Leather Spike Helmet

 family medals , complete militaria collections, better price ,middle men, interior designers,militaria collectors, war medal , military medal specialist,

Mae wests


mp40 old specOur vetted traders specialize in the buying of your family war souvenirs.

Edged weapons and WW2 German memorabilia have been banned from the major internet auction site EBAY.


You may be comforted to know that we at the militaria mearket buy exclusively for a vetted circle of responsible academic collectors, museums and historians.

Gustave Spitzer

We  never condone or promote the Nazis or any other hate groups! We believe that the preservation of objects (evidence) from this dark era only has validity within an educational context. We  buy directly from you, therefore you avoid letting auctioneers take a slice of the pie. We consider the open display of Nazi symbols outside of a balanced historical collection to be both irresponsible and offensive. Our Payment Policy is straightforward: You receive immediate advanced payment for your items in full. We pay any duty on goods arriving from outside the Country and pay all postal costs.



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