Had you asked any owner of a militaria website “How are things going” in 2012 you may have received the answer,

“Things have never been better”


  By 2014 the likelihood is that the same question would have received a less hopeful answer from the same on-line militaria dealer.

Trends in how collectors browse and search on line, coupled with the dominance of collectors forums are issues which need to be considered by militaria website owners.


Successful and respected militaria website owners have joined us at www.themilitariamarket.com to rent permanent cabinet space in our Arundel high street premises.. Benefits enjoyed by such specialists are a broadening of their profile,and exposure to other dealers stock.

Let me offer an example of how the selling of some militaria from our store may now be easier than online.

Example 1) The Selling of an iron cross.The likelyhood of selling an iron cross online is remote for the online dealer unless of course it is advertised at a substantially low price.

Why ? Because there are thousands of sites offering thousands of iron crosses and those searching are only one click away from the next website or caring forum member who wishes to unload an example that he has out grown .

Visitors to our store will probably be seeing the an Iron cross for the first time.

Once they have been given reassurances of authenticity they will buy the cross and go home happy as customers



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Add credibility  to your website with the addition of a recognized business address. Join the  “20+Specialist Dealers and collectors buying and selling collections and individual items of militaria!”war- and -peace-revival  (62)

Enjoy many of the benefits of having your own staffed retail outlet for just £25 per month.

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