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Are Considering Selling Your Treasured Lifetime’s Collection ?

Bren Gun dealers U.K.

Bren Gun dealers U.K.

How Does Consignment Selling Reward Patient Collectors ?

To Achieve Retail Prices You May Wish To Consign Your   Collection Or Single Item For Sale With Us At The Militaria Market.

In Such Circumstances We Issue Detailed Receipts For Goods Received And Issue Immediate Payment As Items Sell.

We Will Generally Return You Around 20% Above Your Best Dealer’s Offer!

How Can We Be So Sure?

Our  Store Is Already Home To Twenty Traders

It Attracts Thousands Of Retail Customers.

We Will Not Be Looking For A Return On Our Own Invested Money.

We Display Collector’s Consigned Items In Museum Cabinets.

We Achieve Your Wish Price Adding A Margin For Ourselves.

No Deductions Are Taken From Your Price.

To Learn More Start The Process